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circuitWeb hosting and DNS (Domain Name Services) are confusing topics to many people and it’s easy to see why. While your organization needs a web presence and email, you shouldn’t have to worry about all of the technical details in making it all work. We can take the mystery out of the whole process.

Most companies have no idea where their websites are hosted and many would be appalled to know exactly how some web hosting companies store their customers’ valuable websites and DNS information. There’s no guessing with Starboard…We use only Dell branded servers to host our web and DNS services. These servers are located in our data center and are physically secure and environmentally protected. Our servers are also fully redundant to provide uninterrupted access to your website and our high level bandwidth assures that your site will load quickly every time.

httpOur web hosting services include:

  • Flexible web hosting packages as low as $20 per month.
  • Fully secure and isolated FTP site access.
  • POP E-mail accounts available, or Exchange E-mail via our Hosted Exchange Service.

Our DNS hosting services include:

  • DNS Registration and administration.
  • Zone file administration, including A, MX, PTR, SPF, CNAME, etc.
  • Triple redundant Name Servers (NS).
  • DNS optimization and error checking.
  • SPF file creation and monitoring (to certify and authenticate mail servers for spam filtering sites)

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