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A poor physical environment is one of the silent killers of technology systems. Dust, humidity and temperature all act to slowly break down individual circuit components. By controlling the environment, your technology systems can run cooler, cleaner and more efficiently. This greatly extends the service life of your hardware and protects your investment.

Our data center's physical environment is completely controlled by sixteen Leibert air handlers providing over 485 tons of cooling and precise humidity control. In perspective, the average home has only 3 tons of cooling. To ensure proper cooling, air is forced through the bottom of each rack and the racks are positioned so that the rear sides are facing the rear sides of the next row of racks. This allows proper dissipation of warm air for more efficient cooling.

Redundancy for the cooling system is provided by multiple rooftop chillers, pumps and heat exchangers. All are protected by uninterruptible power supplies.









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