The term Scuttlebutt is an old nautical term. On sailing ships of old, a butt was a barrel and the word scuttle meant to chop a hole in something. The scuttlebutt was a water barrel with a hole cut into the top so that sailors could reach in and dip out drinking water. It was a place where the ship’s gossip was exchanged, just as the office water cooler is today. So, over the years the term scuttlebutt came to mean the actual gossip or stories that were told versus the vessel around which the gossip was told.

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  • Where did the name Starboard Technologies come from?

ropeWell, when we were first considering creating the company, we wanted a name that would relate our interests, but still communicate what we did. Being that the company founder was born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay and has seawater running through his veins, it was only fitting to have a nautical theme to the company. But then we had to relate that theme to what we did, so we tossed around name after name until we finally hit on Starboard and it just seemed, well… right. After all, starboard means to the right or pertaining to the right side of a ship.

In the beginning, we thought our name may be confused with some type of maritime service, so we incorporated as Starboard Business Technologies, Inc. After a couple of years though, we found this was not the case and then shortened the name to Starboard Technologies, Inc. You can see this transition in our logos below.

  • What about the logo? Does that have any special meaning?

EchoActually it does. The current logo is a fourth-generation rendition of the nautical signal flag for the letter E (or Echo for you old salts). Nautical flags not only represent letters of the alphabet, but many actually have separate meanings when flown solo. This is the case for the Echo flag. When flown solo, it means “I’m changing my course to starboard”, to warn other ships of a course change. This seemed just the right message to convey for our new company.

The first and second versions were merely different versions of the Echo flag. The third version was an attempt to modernize the logo and we got away from the flag entirely. With the current version, we reverted back to our roots and brought the flag back and added the starburst in the middle to give it more character and to relate a “guiding star” message. We also converted the square flag into a trapezoid shape to better reflect the message of moving in the “right direction” which correlates to our tag line, “The Right Direction for Business”. So, while it may seem like just a random design, our logo has transitioned into a subtle symbol of our message and heritage. See how our logo has developed over the years below.

logo1 logo4logo2





Starboard Technologies, Inc.

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